SELF CARE? Sometimes be selfish!

One major buzzword of recent times is “self care”. We hear it mentioned all the time and i’m the first to admit that there is no recipe of what this looks like all of the time. I took a break from social media, as part of my own self care. It was only meant to be for a week, I just needed to take some time away from the excess of negative news displayed everywhere. One week turned into two weeks and then that quickly became three.

I am constantly telling myself not to put off to tomorrow that which can be done today. Its a constant mantra of mine as I will easily talk myself out of doing things.  Tomorrow easily becomes tomorrow, until it runs away from me. Its something that I am always aware of and actively working on. 

I have a love/hate relationship with social media, more aptly described as a like/hate relationship and I intend to touch on this in a later post. For me it is a necessary evil of modern times. In the past then years I’ve gone from just having one social site, facebook, to having accounts on far too many platforms. Its easy to get caught up in watching other peoples lives and then not appreciating the one that you have been gifted with, 

Self care.

 For me, a major part of self care is my 6am morning spin classes. This is something that I have been deprived of since March thanks to Covid. I swapped its for 5am insanity workouts but found that this didn’t satisfy in the same way. I then accidentally stepped on a 2 inch nail on the beach and this put a major pause on any and all exercise. I didn’t expect this to have such a major affect on my mood but it did. So I took some time away to concentrate on me. 

Sometimes be selfish! Its ok to take some time for yourself. I felt guilty taking some down time and dodging the many questions that asked me where have I been when I finally took a soft return to social media. Three weeks and i’m still not fully back on all of my socials, but we are getting there. For me sometimes self care is maintaining the fine balance between the two and time away was a stark reminder of that. We conduct a service and MOT on our cars (over three years old) annually but are often remiss in taking time to do the same for ourselves. I often say we get one body, when I am asked why I hit the Gym at 6am daily without fail. We only get one mind too, and there is not manual on the best way to look after it. The Covid-19 pandemic has made for an unusual environment that we have to live in indefinitely. As someone with a type-a personality, it is hard for me to live in this uncertainty. I am the first to admit that I am always mitigating risk, plotting back up plans and preparing for the unexpected. With Covid, everything is unexpected. Personally adjusting to dealing with this has been difficult, even as I am aware that not everything in life can be planned or mitigated.

So I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding. Take this post as notice of me  letting you know that I am now back with my daily posts. I have a few topics in mind, but should you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.