Three Quotes that I live by daily…

There are many idioms that I follow in my day to day life. But a friend recently asked me to list 3 quotes that I abide by. I thought i would share my answer, so here goes. 

‘This too shall pass’ – In the most simple of terms this means that nothing lasts forever. It is very easy to allow ourselves to get weighted down by circumstances happening to us in the moment and lose sight of the fact that while yes, this may not be pleasant but its not going to last forever. I have had too much happen to me in life for me to not fully live by this. Being able to have the foresight and awareness to see the light at the end of the tunnel can only be a blessing in dark times as we remember that like most things, this too shall pass.

‘Do it anyway’ – This quote seems pretty self explanatory, and it essentially is. Anyone who knows me, and I mean truly knows me, knows that I am a risk mitigator. I am very cautious in almost all avenues of life. At one point you could confidently say that I am scared of everything, and you wouldn’t have been wrong. In my early 20s I caught Swine flu (another story) and not long after I had recovered from that, I caught meningitis (another story, for a completely different day) but both made me wake up and ‘smell the bacon’. I realised that life is short, shorter then any of us can imagine and holding myself back from experiencing things in life isn’t going to help me live and enjoy it to the fullest. There is much truth in people only regretting the things that didn’t do. So feel the fear, have your doubts, but do the darn thing anyway.

‘Theres always someone else worse off….’ – There are so many other quotes that mean something to me, or influence me in my day to day life. The next one I have chosen is not so much a quote as a daily mantra for me. I had a really nice telephone catch up with someone whom had gotten to know me quite well but had lost touch with me for the last few years. She commented that I have really gone through it, in terms of both my health and life experiences. We discussed how yes life has been pretty nasty to me and how I have managed to keep on going despite that. Last she knew of was my car accident that left me having 13 back/spine surgeries and a ruptured bladder and internal bleeding repair. I laughed and told her that since we had last spoke I had additional things happen, bringing me to last week and the 2 inch nail being embedded in my left foot.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (and yes I know I am cheating by sneaking this bonus one in) but I am only stronger from all of my life experiences, and no matter what I may be going through I know without a doubt that someone somewhere is going through something far more worse then I can comprehend or imagine.