Hi and welcome to Kris_TNa!

If you’ve browsed through my website you will have already come to the realisation that I like to write. You should also have realised that I have a lot to say, finding words has never been an issue for me. But what you didn’t know is that it isn’t just now that I am making a bang and causing trouble. My mother loves, to tell the story about how I was born over two weeks late, with no scheduled induction due to back issues. 

The day of my birth my mother was ironing school uniforms when, to cut a long story short, she was electrocuted as the iron shorted. There were sparks and lots of smoke which left her feeling more then a little unwell. A trip to the hospital when my father returned from work, and a decision by doctors to keep her overnight saw my mother experience labour pains at 2am. I was born 10 mins later, after what she has described as the easiest and quickest (I am one of five children). 

So join me as I continue to make sparks and encourage open dialogues on a plethora of topics.