Three weeks later….

Not the usual post today, just a reflection and a few redirections. 

When I began writing earlier this month, it was in response to my writer’s block finally shifting after 10 years. I found that words flowed effortlessly and while that happened I decided that I wanted to use my gift of writing to make a difference. I embarked on a petition to help do my bit in the hope of making a difference for society today and future generations. Misunderstandings, led me to write a my PSA, where I reintroduced myself to those who couldn’t grasp what I was hoping to achieve.

I got the requisite signatures needed for my petition to go to standards to be checked but to my dismay it was rejected. I am a firm believer that a closed door is not a locked one, so I sat down and wrote my OPEN LETTER TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS PETITION COMMITTEE detailing why I thought their rejection was in error. They heard me and they understood me and the petition went live. But I still need all of you to help make a difference. I may have started this alone but I cannot complete it alone. There is power in unity and together we can and will make a change. 

Along the way I have taken the time to share a little more about myself. Ive shown you why one of my nicknames is Casper, and how apt it is. I have taken you along on my journey to a vegan diet and shown you that while I didn’t start out a vegan in the traditional sense, I wont stand for animal cruelty. I have let you see that I haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with food. I have revealed my favourite boss and what lessons I learnt from working at Discovery Inc. I’ve confessed to being a proud Spin Addict, mourned the anniversary of Grenfell, celebrated the second Windrush day, noted the difference power and courage can have. 

You have seen examples of the racism I have experienced in my life, being Black and British. My opinion and reflection on the UK and its systemic racism . The realities of growing up with a black parents love, a black mothers love, and the love that I have for all Black people. I have touched on the hypocrisy of the British public when it comes to the Black Lives Matter UK movement and protests, taken the time to remind everyone that BLACK is not a contact sport, that angry black woman is not a stereotype to be used with me, noted that Covid-19 meant we cant breathe and that we can see through the people treating the suffering and pain of Black people globally as a fad or a phase. 

I have reflected on my activist heart and stated that I care a lot while asking why dont you too?  And I have asked that you look inwards and ask yourselves what did you do?  Before you trivialise the efforts of others.

Aside from all of that, I also wrote a post published by @sistem_magazine (go check them out and give them a follow) where I noted the similarities between Issa Rae and I and asked Am I insecure? 

Credit/Source: Sistem Magazine

I have released a couple books onto amazon for pre-order. The first is “To Be Black and British” which expands on an article  I wrote after I received many requests to tell the stories behind all the experiences I noted. The second is a fictional novel based on my first few years in a student in London, entitled “Bread and Crust” it was first written over 10 years ago when I graduated from university. Samples of the books first 6 chapters are also available

I hope that you have enjoyed the journey thus far and that you will follow my website and continue to join me as I strive to make a positive difference in this world. 

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