Confessions of a Spin Addict!

I first tried a spinning class at university while I was a law student. It was not a wonderful life changing experience. I watched a lady, who was likely 4 times my age complete the class with nary a sweat on her brow. I on the other hand was completely put off. It had been a struggle that left me, feeling very unfit, despite playing on the netball team and other regular physical activities. 

As a young adult my GP suggested I take up exercise when I was struggling with sleep. Despite struggling with body image, it wasn’t something I had actively done much in adulthood. I took to Zumba, yoga and the gym with vigour and it helped a lot. A few years ago when I was diagnosed as obese I was once again referred back to exercise. Unfortunately the injuries I sustained from my car accident meant that not all activities and classes were available to me given my limitations.  My physiotherapist suggested that I take up Spinning as it was low impact as long as I did not do all the jumps etc. I was very apprehensive having tried before but I always try to also be open minded. 

Three years ago today, I took my first spinning class. It was just as hard as I remembered and I posted the following to my socials:

However, to know me, is to know that I don’t give up. Whether thats with a Petition (Please sign) and getting the House of Commons petition committee to reverse a decisionor in my personal life with my health. So I persevered and carried on going. As time went on it got easier and I started to log my workouts on my apple watch. 

Apple watch logging

I found my body changed drastically and quickly. It works a lot of areas all at one time, with my legs and thighs changing first. They got noticeably thicker and more toned, my mother noticed and implored me to stop spinning. I did for a little bit but must confess that I was already addicted to it and the hiatus didn’t last very long. Along with my body, my heart and lungs got healthier, I witnessed my recovery time come down and found that I wasn’t so breathless when I took a flight of stairs. Spinning is a mental and physical battle and thats perhaps what appeals to me most. It is often your mind that wants you to give up long before your body has to. 

After a few months of spinning

I got into the habit of getting up early to go spin at 6am before I had to go into work. On the days where my meetings were early and I couldn’t attend the early morning sessions, I would leave work early (i always had a working lunch at my desk) and make the evening classes. One surprising outcome of my love for Spinning has been that it has motivated others. I never expected that it would inspire or motivate people, and yet it has. From the offices I’ve worked in, to one of my other health professionals recommending it to her other clients because she witnessed how beneficial it has been for me. I sleep better and eat better when I am spinning regularly.

Usual start to the day

You are on the bike alone but the spinning community has taught me that you are not alone! I have met some amazing people during my time spinning from various walks of life. I am not the most sociable person but have enjoyed getting to know the people that take to the pedals with me each week. I am lucky that my local gym has a great and varied collection of instructors, with extensive experience and even greater playlists. Of course I have my favourite, and the WhatsApp group I am a member of is perhaps the most telling of who that is. I have enjoyed the Christmas dinners and charity bike rides and hope that I get to enjoy more of these unexpected benefits of being a member of the spinning community. 

My regular spin class
First Spinning Christmas Dinner that I attended

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that this is the longest that I have gone without spinning since I started 3 years ago today. I miss it a lot, maybe more then I should. But I am a self aware spin addict who has enjoyed daily spinning for a while now. I take a spin class everywhere I travel to if I find one available, be that in Miami or Amsterdam. 

So this spin addict is confessing that I am still addicted and cannot wait to be back on the saddle as soon as it is safe to do so! 

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